Hunting in North America

A fun sport for the ages!

Hunting in America

Hunting is a great sport and is a great source for meat. If you are not hunting alone it is a great time to bond with who you're hunting with. It is fun to get out to the blind and even if you didn't get something you most likely had fun. You get to see wildlife you might have never seen before. Whatever you're hunting for it's always good to be in the outdoors!

Fun facts!

1.)• The money hunters in fishers pay helps create and support more than 680,000 jobs!(Hunting in America)

2.)• The numbers of hunters from 2006 to 2011 increased by 9%!(Hunting in America)

3.)•"Since 2006, hunters expenditures have grown 55%!"(Hunting in America)

4.)• Michigan is ranked 6 in the top 10 states by resident hunters. It has 501,421 hunters and 2011 retail sales by resident is $2,303,119,552!(Hunting in America)

5.)•The end of the arrow is called the feathers/fletchings.(North American bows, arrows and quivers: An illustrated history.)


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