LeBron James is wanted to Sit Out

By The Washington Post, adapted by Newsela staff

Supporters Say Athletes Have Power

Activists want LeBron James to sit out of the whole basketball season to make a statement to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to catch their attention because they believe that athletes have power and LeBron James will be a good help to do that. #NoJusticeNoLeBron

Ali Reprimanded For Refusing Draft

Muhammad Ali was in a similar situation when the Army drafted him in and he refused. He said that, that would be going against his religion. A judge fined him $10,00 dollars for evading the draft.

Rice Supporters Are Split

James has not responded to their request yet. Now the supporters are starting to doubt their decision and wonder if what they're asking for is too much. Will LeBron sit out to help, or will he refuse and continue on with his basketball??