Savings Account

Money for College: By Mikayla Garrels

My Goal!

I have recently decided to move to Texas with my parents, where I will be attending college at a two year community college. After I receive my associate's degree, I would like to go to Texas Woman's University to attend their Dental Hyginiest Program. The only problem is that I must save up money for college and other expenses, such as gas for transportation to and from college. I would like to save up at least $15,000 by the end of the year 2016. This means that when I move to Texas in here in a couple of months in June, I need to find a job as quickly as possible in order to start reaching my goal!

Savings Account

I would like to start a savings account at Wells Fargo.

A savings account earns interest, is easily accessible, allows frequent deposits and it also available at depository institutions. At Wells Fargo, I would only earn a 0.01% interest rate, although the minimum daily balance is only $300. Also, Wells Fargo only requests a $25 minimum opening deposit at the start. Compared to other saving tools, such as Money Market Savings, they require one to have a $3,500 minimum daily balance, which is quite a lot.