novio boy

by gary soto


Rudy wanted to date a girl named Patricia but he didn't have a lot of confidence, so he's friend gave hem advice so he could do will on he's date ,then when he when on he's date he did well. Every body was there to help him out after the date he said "its tough being a Novio boy."

The theme is its hard to grow up. Evidence - "Man, its tough being a Novio boy.'


Internal conflict - he does not have a lot of confidence.

evidence- 'what am I gonna talk about? She's older than me and good-looking.

External conflict -he does not have any money for the restaurant.

evidence-'I don't have any money for my date.'


vocularey words


incredulous: unwilling or unable to believe . synonyms: disbelieving , skeptical , unbelieving . sarcastically : is someone or something that is a shirring remark . synonyms: sarcasm . frankfurters: a seasoned smoked sausage typically made of beef and pork . synonyms: sausage .

my favorite part of the story

My favorite part of the story was the end evidence-' man its taught being a novio boy.'