What are chisels use for?

Chisels can be identified by their characteristic, flat and wide angular-shaped, cutting edges . They are equipped with wooden or metal handles although some sets of chisels, such as those used on stone, metal or concrete, have no handles and are fabricated in metal, usually iron or steel.

The different size of chisels

There are as many types and sizes of chisels, as there are specific applications. However, as chisels are basically small, hand-held manual tools, the lengths of the different types of chisels, within a particular set, are more or less the same. However, the width of their individual cutting blades comes in various sizes, depending on the nature and complexity of the tasks/projects in hand.

Wood chisels

There is different spade for chisels are available in a variety of shapes and cutting angles, each designed to cut the wood with relatively minimal force.The Flat Chisel general cutting and chipping, as well as removing rusted or damaged rivets and nuts. The Diamond Chisel chipping v-shaped oil grooves as well as creating sharp corners.The Cape Chisel cutting narrow slots, key ways, and rectangular grooves.Round Nose cutting oil and other concave grooves

Cold chisels

Chisels designed for unheated metal are known as cold chisels. They have very shallow cutting angles and are frequently made of hardened steel.


Chisels made for general metal work are known as _cold___ chisels?

Match the chisel shape with the proper use.

Flat -> removing damaged rivet

Diamond -> creating sharp corners

Cape -> cutting keyways

Round nose -> cutting concave grooves