shrine at ise, Japan

One of the best Shinto complexes in Japan


The official name of the shrine is actually Jingu, The Shrine is in a Beautiful area in the middle of the "Sacred Forest of Ise Jingu". The complex never gets old, every 20 years it gets rebuilt. That has been a tradition for 2,000 years.

Location of the Shrine

The Shrine at Ise is located in southern Honshu Japan. 60 miles Southeast of the city called Kyoto. Near the Shrine there is a river called the Isuzu River, where the Japanese bring the Cypress trees and supplies down to rebuild the complex after 20 years.


The Shrine At Ise is a very big tourist attraction, having 7 million worshipers each year. It is a national treasure by the Japanese government. There are two groups of buildings, the first is the Imperial Shrine and second there is the Toyouke Shrine. The entrance of the complex is held by two gard dogs and a Torri (gate).


The Shrine at Ise has been a very long sacred complex. The Shrine complex is built around a very sacred tree called the Cypress tree. One of these trees was cut down and now one of the building in the complex is built around the tree. through the process the tree was thought to have kept its sacredness.


The Religion at the Shrine at Ise is Shinto. There are 100,000 Shinto Sanctuaries in the country of Japan. There are many religious objects around the Shrine complex, There are statues of dogs on the side of each entrance often called guardian dogs or foxes. The Pilgrams to the shrine say that the right way to pray at the shrine is to

1.Bow deeply twice.

2.Clap hands twice at chest level.

3.Worship with your hands pushed together.

4.And two close the worship again bow deeply twice.

Why Is the Shrine at Ise sacred to the people?

As a tradition every 20 years the Shrine is knocked down and reconstructed, this ceremony is known as the Shikinen Sengu. At the Shrine they have ritual dances. The people that worship there are mostly monotheism. In the complex some people just go to see the religious dances preformed on their stages.
Ise Shrine - Japan