The Big Field

Written by: Mike Lupica, Project by Matt Sterny

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Summary of the novel

Keith Hutchinson is the main character of the novel "The Big Field" by Mike Lupica. This story takes place in East Boynton, Florida and he plays for the Cardinals his friends call him Hutch. Hutch is a star shortstop for his baseball team and he pours his heart out into the sport. He loves shortstop and its where his dad Carl Hutchinson and his favorite baseball player Derek Jeter plays, but one day a new shortstop joins the team. His name was Darryl Williams who was supposed to be like the next A-Rod and he played shortstop just as Hutch did. They thought that he was a little better than Hutch so Darryl was moved to shortstop and Hutch would move to second.
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About the Author

Mike Lupica is one of the most famous sport writers in America. For fifteen years now he has been a tv anchor for ESPN's "The Sport Reporters". Over the years he has also been a regular on the CBS Morning News, Good Morning America, and The MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour. Mike has earned numerous awards such as the Jim Murray award in 2003 from the National Football Foundation. Some of his previous young adult novels like Travel Team, Heat, Miracle on 49th street, and Summer Ball have shot up to New York's best seller list. Mike Lupica has three boys and a daughter who all live in Connecticut.

Hook or Tagline

Hutch Hutchinson is a star short stop for his baseball team the cardinals, but before the season started Darryl Williams joined the team also a shortstop. He was a little better so Hutch was moved to second. What will Hutch do, will he quit the team and let his teammates down, or be a team player and go to second.?

Book Reviews

  • Playing shortstop is a way of life for Hutch?not only is his hero, Derek Jeter, a shortstop, but so was his father, a former local legend turned pro. Which is why having to play second base feels like demotion to second team. Yet that?s where Hutch ends up after Darryl ?D-Will? Williams, the best shortstop prospect since A-Rod, joins the team. But Hutch is nothing if not a team player, and he?s cool with playing in D-Will?s shadow?until, that is, the two shortstops in Hutch?s life betray him in a way he never could have imagined. With the league championship on the line, just how far is Hutch willing to bend to be a good teammate?
  • Hutch has been a baseball player his whole life and not just any baseball player, a shortstop, the one that’s suppose to be the leader of a team. But on his new team, an American legion team called Post 226 Cardinals; they already have an amazing shortstop. His name is Darryl who is projected to go pro when he is older. Now Hutch is stuck playing 2nd base. Don’t think it’s just a change of position because to Hutch it feels like a demotion.
    Which makes it worse he has to live up to his father. His father, Carl Hutchinson, was a professional baseball player. His father ended up having to give it up because even with how good he was, he wasn’t quite good enough for pro ball. This realization broke his heart and it seemed like he didn’t want to have anything to do with baseball. Hutch and his Dad have a tough relationship because all Hutch wants is for his dad to want to watch him play baseball. But his Dad doesn’t want baseball to end up breaking his son’s heart too, so he doesn’t help or even come to Hutch’s games.
    In the end, Hutch’s team wins the championship and he gets his Dads approval. Hutch and Darryl become friends and work together even though Hutch has to play 2nd base. Even with all the struggles Hutch went through, he came out on top, winning the championship and getting his baseball Dad back.
  • For Hutch, shortstop has always been home. It?s where his father once played professionally, before injuries relegated him to watching games on TV instead of playing them. And it?s where Hutch himself has always played and starred. Until now. The arrival of Darryl ?D-Will? Williams, the top shortstop prospect from Florida since A-Rod, means Hutch is displaced, in more ways...

About Me

My name is Matt Sterny and I am 13 year old and I attend Park View Middle School. I live in Mukwonago Wisconsin with my brother, sister, and my two parents. I am the oldest in my family. I also play Football, Baseball, and I run Track. I play football for Mukwonago Indians, I play Baseball for Mukwonago Bears, and i run Track for Park View Mustangs.


The Story The Big Field takes place in East Boynton, Florida. Its summer time and it is another baseball season for the Cardinals.