South Carolina

The Slave trade capital

The First the begin slave trade

Charles Towne was settled in 1670, Englishmen from the West Indies were well acquainted with slavery and the huge profits they could reap from the toil of others. Slavery was therefore considered an essential ingredient in the successful establishment of cash crop plantations in South Carolina.
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What South Carolina was like

South Carolina was one of the first 13 colonies. South Carolina was founded in 1633 by the eight English Nobles. One of the major cities of South Carolina Was Charles Towne what is now Charleston. South Carolina was famous for exporting tobacco, cotton, corn, grain, fruit, and livestock. South Carolina had one of the largest slave populations working on plantations. The crops grown on there plantation were cotton,tobacco, rice, sugar, and indigo. They used the crops to trade for products like lace, shoes, thread, farm tools and dishes.