Much Ado About Nothing

English 11 Project


Laurence Fishburne as Don because he is a good actor when it comes to leading.

Neal McDonough as Claudio because they both have an evil mindset.

Jennifer Lawence as Beatrice because they are innocent people.


While Hero and Beatrice were at the masked ball dance.. thing, they begin to talk about the perfect man and Don Pedro who never talks about Benedick, joined in on the conversation and thinks of a plan to get Beatrice, who says she will probably never get a husband, to get with Benedick.

This was one major part of Claudio and Don's plan to get mess with and get Beatrice and Benedick together.


"Lies" would be a good theme for this play because the people in this play are lying and trying to get Benedick and Beatrice together by making both of them think that they like each other when they don't really.