Made by: Marshall Chapman and Delia Niavez

Bad Affects on people

Droughts can have many different affects on people. Living in Texas the drought has caused our crops to not grow which can cause less income from the farmers. People and animals may leave because of the bad affects from the drought. The droughts can cause a big dust bowl to come because of all the dirt on the ground.

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Boise City

In the 1930's through 1940's Boise City was part of the great Dust Bowl of 1930. In 1930 Boise was thrown headfirst into this catastrophe. Since this town was very new , less than 10 years old, there was very little in the way of medicine. When people got dust pneumonia there was almost nothing the citizens could do. The best they could treat people was to put a wet rag on their mouth to catch the dust. Because of this, 21% of families had government support in 1936 and by 1840 2.5 million people had left the region entirely. This is an example of one of the most greatly affected cities in the central United States.

Bad effects on the enviroment

In farmlands droughts are the most devastating thing that could ever happen. When there is a drought almost all of the crops will die. The natural flora and fauna start to die due to the lack of water and hydration.

Drought: The Definition

A drought is a natural disaster where there is very little rainfall to nurture the land and living objects. A drought is where there no water in the town. There is no water for the crops to grow and for people to use.`

Reigions Effected

There are quite a few regions affected by this natural disaster. The Great Plains, Coastal Plains, and the North Central Plains are the regions in Texas that are effected. In it has greatly affected western Missouri, eastern New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Drought also occurs in the whole world such as the Sahara desert, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Iraj, and other middle east countries.