Eric Woodyard

"Wasted" a book by Eric Woodyard, Award Winning Journalist

“Wasted” is the breakout book from award-winning journalist Eric Woodyard, a native of Flint, Michigan. Woodyard tells a fictional tale about Cam Anderson, who struggles as a functional alcoholic in denial. At work, Cam is a fun, easy-going person that grinds hard in the daytime. At nighttime he morphs into a completely different character: a party animal who overdoes it when he drinks, sleeping with as many women as possible without thinking about the consequences until he gets himself into a situation where he has to decide if getting “wasted” is more important than seeing his life go to “waste.”

Breakout Description


Woodyard released the book in February and will discuss with students how to make better decisions than Cam did in the book. With so many liquor stores and functional alcoholics in the area, this book is the perfect tool to bring this touchy subject to life. He won’t preach about giving up liquor but more so speak about making better choices.


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Eric Woodyard

Eric Woodyard is an award-winning sports journalist working at MLive.com-The Flint Journal in Flint, Mich. He is currently responsible for covering local sporting events in Flint and reports on all levels including high school basketball, boxing, football, etc.

The 2006 Flint Southwestern Academy graduate produces many in-depth videos and feature stories plus writes about the current and ex-pro athletes from the area such as Heisman trophy winner Mark Ingram, Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee, former Michigan State All-American Mateen Cleaves, NFL legend Andre Rison Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields and WBC world champion Anthony Dirrell to name a few.

Woodyard, 26, graduated from Western Michigan University in December 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism/Creative Writing. His accumulative grade point average was a 3.38.

He is an author of the book “Wasted” and released a documentary titled “Flint Made Me” to raise money for a scholarship in 2013.


The book can also get purchased at this link: Wasted: Eric Woodyard: 9781505855913: Amazon.com: Books