Pest Analysis - Highways Agency

Why use PEST analysis


PEST analysis stands for - Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis. PEST Analysis is a simple but important and widely-used to help you gain a greater understanding of the Political, Economic, Social and Technological aspects that a business would have to operating in. The Highways Agency was established in 1994. It is an executive agency of the department for transport and has responsibility for the operation of strategic road network in England. The Agency's aim is: 'safe roads, reliable journeys, informed travellers'. It's function include tackling congestion, providing accurate information for drivers and improving safety. However there are certain aspects that need to be considered before these goals can be achieved.

Political Factors

The highways Agency works in the interest of the public and not for private financial gain, This is the same for all public sector businesses. The departmet for transport Political factors therefore play key role in shaping it's priorities. The Highways Agency implements and informs government policy. One of the key priority is tackling traffic congestion. As this is directly linked to one of their goals to ensure a 'reliable jouney' this effects the economy as a whole. As a result of targetting this they're introducing a new system called Active Traffic Management or ATM on the M42 near birminham.

Economic factor