Thursday, November 4th "F" day

Good morning, Wildcats! Today is Thursday, November 4th. It is a “F” day.

Hey students now that it is getting colder outside, we hope you are wearing your winter coat to stay warm on the way to school, but please remember to put your winter gear into your locker before period 1.

Happening around the World:

It is important that you think before you act today. Why, you ask!? Because today is Use Your Common Sense Day. You can't use common sense, if you act without thinking. It only stands to reason, that a little common sense can avoid many problems and disasters.

It is oh so easy to celebrate and participate in Use Your Common Sense Day. All you have to do, is stop for a moment use common sense before proceeding with whatever you are going to say or do. It's as easy as that.

Use your common sense today and make it amazing!