Buxton, Iowa

The history of Buxton, Iowa

Buxton's History

Buxton iowa was founded in 1873 by J.E. Buxton. He built the mines and started the railroads in the late 1800's. His son Ben Buxton was his successor. Ben had difficulties with strikes in the town over wages and work so he hired African Americans and men from a crumbling coal mine up north. The population swelled in the 1900's with a population of 2,700 blacks and 1,991 whites. It was the biggest city and coal mining in iowa. In 1910 they built 2,000 new homes, but had no city council, no mayor, and only two security gaurds were considered the police. In 1914 the town reached its peak and begin its decline. WW1 started and workers left for war. By the time the soldiers returned the demand for coal decreased and fires caused the population to dwindle to 400 by 1919.

African American Museum

The Museum in Cedar Rapids shows alot about buxton and the mining.

My opinion

I thought Buxton was pretty interesting. I thought Ben Buxton was cruel but smart in keeping the company running. Its a shame the company failed and the town became a ghost town. It was cool that a railroad ran across the county line into albia.