Stacy Keister

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What is it?

A place where members can barrow from a collection of books... the original search engine
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Ancient Libraries

  • record room (archive) and libraries ... existed as long as records
  • 1st 1/2 of 3rd millennium BC: clay tablets in Babylon
  • 2nd millennium BC: Assyrian clay tablets in Egypt
  • records were destroyed in war or during changes in gov't (ie China)

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Modern Libraries

  • July 1, 1730

  • Benjamin Franklin

    • Junto (Philosophical association)

  • wanted solve problems but have books to learn from
  • books = expensive and rare
  • everyone would pitch in money
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The Change in the world

  • literacy
  • better education
  • economic growth (small businesses)
  • libraries for subjects (ie computer
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  • specialized librarians
  • homework
  • computer classes
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Annotated Bibliography

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