App of the Month Challenge

LMES SPED - January 2015

Are you up for a challenge?

There is still time to work on December's challenge. December is always a crazy month, so if you haven't had a chance to try out Sushi Monster, Write About This, or PicCollage, give it a try and submit a review. Click on the link below to view that challenge.

Now it's time for January's challenge. Are you ready?

  • Plan and/or collab with Stacie Taylor if you need some help! My calendars are below.
  • Fill out the Google Form (link below) to serve as a "review" of the app. Explain how you used it, what went well, what didn't go so well, would you use again, etc.
  • Submit the Google Form by the end of the month.

January Apps

(Click on each app below for a description from iTunes!)

Math - Math Motion Zoom

  • Read here for a review of the app on Common Sense Media.
  • Here's a basic video of how the app works

Language Arts/Vocabulary Builder - Bluster

Creativity (Show What you Know - For Any Subject) - VoiceThread

  • This is my all time favorite Web2.0 tool to use in the classroom because it's so versatile and provides students opportunities to communicate and collaborate plus show what they know. You can use this application to build conversations around different types of media. The possibilities are endless.
  • VoiceThread website
  • Ideas for any subject
  • VoiceThread how-to video
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