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Minarets at National History Day

Minarets High School partook in National History Day (NHD) for the first time. The students who participated were also the only representatives of Madera County.

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PBE Season is Here!

As the school year comes to an end, freshman through juniors create and present their PBE’s. For all of you who are unaware of what a PBE, but its a Personal Brand Equity presentation where you reflect on your school year.

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Night of Riches: Senior Scholarship Night

Over $100,000 were awarded to Minarets seniors this year the Senior Scholarship night on Wednesday, May 23.

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The Unforgettable Season for Minarets Baseball

Minarets baseball season has come to a close and what a season it was. Coming into the season, there were high expectations for the varsity team

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Preston Conti Playing in All Star Football Game

Senior Preston Conti from Minarets High School will be playing in the 65th annual City/County All Star Football game.

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Behind the Scenes at Minarets: FFA Officer Elections

Minarets has many opportunities for young leaders to step up and hold an office during their high school years.

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Showcasing Minarets Dance

Our Minarets Dance Showcase was spectacular! It was held on May 23, 2019 at Minarets High School from 7pm to 8pm.

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Stellar Year for Minarets Key Club

The 2018/2019 school year was an exceptional time for Minarets Key Club.

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The Westies: An Act to Remember

The Westies are a once a year event created by Mrs. West to be a reunion of the cast of the plays and the drama students

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Student Life

An End to a Four-Year Experience: Senior Rally

Many people remember coming to school on the first day of school of their freshman year and attending a big, welcoming rally by our Minarets Mustangs!

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Assemblyman Bigelow's Advice to Minarets Seniors

Last Friday, May 17th, 2019, our very own State Assemblyman Frank Bigelow took a day off from his job at the State Capitol in Sacramento to visit Minarets High School's class of 2019 seniors.

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Color Run for Myasthenia Gravis Awareness

Red, pink, blue, and yellow chalk filled the air on Saturday, May 18, as students, teachers, and community members participated in a Color Run to raise awareness for the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America.

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On Monday May 20th, 2019 Jordan Rodkey hosted a Powderpuff Football Game at Minarets High School.

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The Memories of 2019

Every year of high school there are new challenges and new memories. Another year has passed with our mustangs accomplishing their goals and expanding their horizons. Let’s see how the students progressed this year and take a minute to reflect on 2019

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To Whom it May Concern

This is it. It’s been quite a journey and I’m honored that you chose me to share it with. But now I must bid you adieu

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Upcoming Dates

FFA Spring Banquet

Tuesday, May 28th, 6pm

45077 North Fork Road

O'Neals, CA

Junior Trip

Wednesday, May 29th, 6am

Great America, Santa Clara, CA, USA

Santa Clara, CA

Permissions slips are available in the Media Lounge

Sophomore PBEs

Wednesday, May 29th, 9am to Friday, May 31st, 3:30pm

45077 North Fork Road

O'Neals, CA

Macbook Collection Collection

Monday, June 3rd, 8:30am to Wednesday, June 5th, 3:45pm

45077 North Fork Road

O'Neals, CA

Juniors: Monday

Sophomores: Tuesday

Freshmen: Wednesday


Wednesday, June 5th, 7:30pm

45077 North Fork Road

O'Neals, CA

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