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Call to Action for #MBCUE committees!

We would also like to thank everyone who threw their hat in the ring. Even if this wasn’t your year, we hope you keep us in mind in the future because elections are held annually.

Besides being on the board, we also have some wonderful opportunities to still make a difference in our region. We are currently looking for volunteers to serve on our Student Powered Earth Day Film Festival sub-committee, as well as the sub-committee for our upcoming conference on Digital Citizenship. These are great ways to get involved. If this sparks your interest, please contact us at


A meeting of the Board of Directors (“the “Board”) of Monterey Bay CUE, a non-profit organization (the “Organization”), was held on 10/30/2018 (Pacific Standard Time) at the Fairview Middle School, Gonzales, CA.

Directors Present:

Ben Cogswell

Jonathan Green

Carrie Sebora

Paul Dietrich

Jen Rodgers

Election Update

As the election comes to a close, we discussed some glows and grows for the future. FlipGrid was definitely a great feature to have as it allowed us to get a better characterisation of the candidates. Some questions that arose included, but not limited to: 1) Should we continue to use Election Buddy?, 2) Ensure that someone double-checks ballots & 3) Providing more time between the election closing and sending out notification letters (giving us time to confirm whether or not a candidate wants to continue being a part of the Board of Directors).


Sponsorship System

We are brainstorming ideas for a possible sponsorship system for MBCUE. Ideas included having a tiered system where the initial tier included a title of “Community Sponsor” and the highest tier included businesses/persons being sponsors for the entire year (including recognition at all MBCUE events and other promotional materials).

DigCit Summit

We have a date, and it’s May 18, 2019! We are still keeping our heads up for a location to hold DigCit and reaching out to various contacts to secure a location this upcoming event.

Film Festival

We’re back at Maya Cinemas! We will be reaching out to our previous sponsors again this year for our upcoming Film Festival.

Board Meet & Greet

MBCUE will hold their Meet & Greet at Monterey Coast Brewery from 4pm-6pm, November 7th.

Paul Dietrich made a motion to spend no more than $50 for appetizers at the Meet & Greet.

Second: Carrie
Discussion: discussed our previous meeting details at this location


Yes: 5

No: 0

Abstain: 0


Fall CUE awards!

Jen Rodgers - Outstanding Teacher of the Year!

Maricar Osorio - Technology Leader of the Year!

Treasurer’s Report

  • Reimbursements to Martin Cisneros and Jen Rodgers for LDI have been mailed

  • SMORE reimbursement for Ben Cogswell

  • Reimbursement for Martin Cisneros for Weebly

  • Kim Yalda is sending a letter so that Jonathan Green and Ben Cogswell can be added as signers on bank checks

  • Current balance stands at $5,400

  • Jonathan Green will update the contact information for the W9

  • Jonathan Green is proposing to move to an online bank for simplicity as well as ensure that all reimbursements are pre-approved in a Board meeting prior to them being sent out (in order to keep better record)

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Dietrich, Recording Secretary

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