ELA Newsletter

By: James Farmer

What is this newsletter about?

Perseverance is the continued effort to achieve a goal despite difficulties. The people shown below all show much perseverance and this newletter's purpose is to teach everybody about their achievements.

Kid President - Descriptive

One idea Kid President talks about is people need to be less boring and more creative. He wants us to be on the same team and create new things. It is a motivational video because he is trying to make people more awesome and get them off their feet to invent new things. He talks about Michael Jordan’s Space Jam and how Michael didn’t give up after he was rejected from the varsity team in high school. I think the most important reason why it is a motivational video is how he talks about how other people were rejected and they succeeded through courage and being awesome.

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7th Grade - Sequencing

  1. Don’t put video games or T.V. before homework, make time for studying, it can be overwhelming. Well, if really want to wake up at 5am to study… have fun with that.

  2. Know your teachers BEFORE you have them, because you need to know what teachers don’t notice you sneaking your phone out. Also the amount of homework they give.

  3. Have a group of friends, because no one likes being lonely.

  4. Don’t ever raise your hand, you could risk not knowing the question.

  5. If you don’t know an answer on your homework, text your friend to send you the answer.

  6. Don’t get too carried away with being popular, although it is good don’t let friends not let you do your homework. Always make sure to do your homework, because the points stack up and homework for 7-0 is like half of your grade.

  7. If you get sent down to the office for an issue with your friend, and Mr. Sweeney is not in the office, make sure to attempt to clear things up with your friend real quick. Trust me, it happened to me before.

  8. If you ever lose your ID, remain calm and check the library, office, and last class you thought you lost it in. If you lose it, don’t feel bad if your lunch money balance drains, the lunch lady can report the kid who stole your money.

  9. If you lose a friend in 7th grade, chances are they will come crawling back, so don’t think about it too much.

  10. Don’t stack the laptops too high, because this year a whole stack of 10 came toppling down and we had some angry teachers come and yell at us.

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Sandy Road - Cause/Effect

The merchant is traveling across a hot desert at night because the ground is too hot at day. The driver falls asleep, leading to the oxen wandering off in a different direction. Then the men wake up thirsty and tired, they need to find water. They find a rock with water flowing under it, but will need somebody strong enough to break it. The boy is the most healthy and he used all his strength and perseverance to break the rock. Never give up, is what the theme is. Then the rock breaks, and the men all drink water and are able to navigate. They make it to the city and sell their items, and return home.

Steven Clauch Concept Map - Problem/Solution

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Dartanyon and Leroy Venn Diagram - Compare/Contrast

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How can these people help us?

All of these people face adversity, we can learn from them. Look at how they overcome adversity, sticking together, finding solutions, and having to deal with everyday problems. We can try to deal with problems like they do.