Robert Reed Kaufman Party

Who needs conservatives when you have the R.R.K.P. swag?

What is the Robert Reed Kaufman Party?

The Robert reed Kaufman Party is a political party that has liberal views. Here are some of the things that we have strong feelings about

  • Health Care- It should be available to everyone free of charge, paid for by tax dollars
  • Immigration- people of all countries should be allowed in the United States so that the country can prosper.
  • Guns- firearms are important in some communities, but automatic weapons should be outlawed
  • Environment- government programs should be able to clean up and regulate the environment for a better tomorrow
  • Religion- churches should now have to pay taxes to the government, and the government should make laws against intolerance.

Why should you join?

  • We have liberal views and everyone is free to share their ideas to an open minded group.
  • We have pizza parties.