Bulldog Bulletin


Hooray, two weeks down. Jason and I are seeing some great things in the classroom. Next week, we will officially begin walkthroughs. Please complete the Teacher Self Reports part I by Tuesday in order to comply with PDAS appraisal system.

We have ordered a new laminator. So sorry you were unable to laminate your posters, borders, etc. E.A.s- thank you for sprucing up our hallways in preparation for the start of the school year and Dr. Brown's visit. We will laminate borders at high traffic areas when laminator comes in. Please watch and talk to students as they go down the hallways about not touching the bulletin boards.

While we are on bulletin boards, bulletin boards should now have student work (no work sheets please). Student work should not be up for more than a month.

Herb will be placing red cups on tables to indicate cafeteria rules were not followed. Please check with Herb when you observe the red cups.

Team Leaders, I appreciate all that you have done for new members to your team. Please continue to meet and update them on our curriculum and campus policies. Of course, new teachers can ask questions from any staff members. Jason and I are available. Just let us know.


Tuesday, September 8

3:40-4:15 Rescheduled meeting with Kay, Tammy Southard, and Arely

Please also attend - Shauna, Jacequeline, Grant, Laura, Karina and Nuvia

Thursday, September 10

Curriculum Night

  1. PK 10:30 AND 12:30
  2. K 3:00
  3. 3RD AND 5TH 5:30-6:00
  4. 1ST, 2ND, 4TH 6:15-6:45

GARAGE SALE 5:00-7:00

Friday, September 11

PLC's wi/Han and Jason during conference (Grades K-5)

Monday, September 14

PK- PLC's wi/Han and Jason

3:40-4:15 Professional Development

Tuesday, September 15


8:15-9:15 3rd

9:20-10?20 5th

10:25-11:25 4th

12:15-1:15 Kinder

1:20-2:20 2nd

2:25-3:25 1st

Wednesday, September 16

3:40-4:20 LOL Team

Thursday, September 17

3:40 Elisa's Shower- Lounge

Friday, September 18

Team PLC's

Coming Next: PLC's w/ Mullendore

Monday, September 21 PK and K

Tuesday, September 22 1st and 2nd

Wednesday, September 23 3rd and 4th

Thursday, September 24 5th a.m.