Quarter 2 Newsletter

Grade 2

I have enjoyed working with your child this quarter and working towards his or her academic goals. Below, you will find a summary of concepts that we have worked on during our small group time together.* Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!


Mrs. Bonacci


*Your child may or may not receive all services outlined below.

Fundations Double Dose

If your child receives Fundation Double Dose services, he or she met with me in a small group for 30 minutes three days per week. We worked on the same concepts your child was learning in his or her classroom up through Fundations Unit 7. Skills included drilling sounds, tapping and reading words, trick word reading and spelling, word writing, fluency drills, and writing/marking up words and sentences. Students reviewed with me the three syllable types they learned thus far (closed, open, and vowel-consonant-e).

How to Help at Home

1. The homework/parent packets that come home with each unit from your child’s teacher are essential to helping your child at home. In addition to using those suggestions:

2. Choose one or two nights per week to practice Fundations concepts via a “practice test”. Dictate to your child:

  • 3 sounds. Have your child write the letters that go with their sounds.
  • 3 current unit words to write and mark up
  • 2 review words to write and mark up
  • Several trick words to write. Trick words are NOT marked up.
  • 1 or 2 sentences to write. Make sure your child practices circling the trick words in the sentence and marking up the other words.

Leveled Literacy

If your child receives Leveled Literacy Interventions (LLI), we met three times per week for 30 minutes per session and work on the following goals for each lesson:

  1. To improve fluency while rereading a previously read text
  2. To self correct while reading
  3. To understand and apply a specific word skill (i.e. digraphs, vowel teams, etc.)
  4. To read a new leveled book with a book preview and discussion, and have a follow up discussion to aid comprehension

How to Help at Home

  • Read! Refer to your child’s guided reading level on his or her progress report. Some choices for finding books at your child’s reading level are:
  • Log on to http://www.scholastic.com/bookwizard/. Click on the tab that says “Search by Reading Level.” Select the minimum and maximum book levels you would prefer for your child to read. Select “Find.” A list of books will come up. You can then either rent these titles from the library or purchase them.
  • Visit the Kirtland Public Library and ask the children’s librarian to show you where the leveled books are located
  • Download the “Level It Books” app for $3.99. This app will allow you to scan your books’ ISBNs to view the Guided Reading Level and store them in a personalized library. You can build your leveled library by searching their comprehensive database of over 245k books. Visit www.levelitbooks.com for further questions you may have about the app.

For fluency practice:

  • Reread books that are easier than your child’s instructional level in order to practice smooth and expressive reading.
  • Have your child “scoop” phrases while reading.
  • Read and reread short poems.
  • Work on the fluency packets sent home at parent-teacher conferences.

Math Intervention

If your child receives math services, we met twice per week for 30 minutes. Every other week your child warms up with ten minutes on the XTRA math fact program to build fact fluency. The program’s goal is for your child to answer his or her basic facts correctly within 3 seconds. The program then gives your child a weighted percentage of facts he or she answered correctly within 3 seconds. Your child first must master addition before moving to subtraction. We then work on concepts that coincide with the instruction taking place in your child’s classroom aligned with the Eureka math units.

How to help at home:

  • Log on to XTRA math at home! Please contact me if you need another copy of the XTRA math login sheet.
  • Complete the Eureka math homework sent home by your child’s teacher.
  • Allow your child to play math games on www.abcya.com (grade 2)