Antonio Vivaldi

Living Years: 1678-1741 Created by Yetayal Tizale

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Early Years

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice, Italy on March 4, 1678. Vivaldi had 8 siblings in total. Four brothers and 4 sisters. His parents names were Camilla Calicchio and Giovanni Battista Vivaldi. As a baby he was quickly baptized due to the reason of all the terrible things that were happening to him at the time. He also experienced tightening of the chest. That is now called asthma. In Vivaldi's early life his father played a huge rule. Giovanni trained Vivaldi in music and taught him how to play the piano. Vivaldi also inherited his fathers red hair. That is the reason why he was nicknamed "the red priest." While in his teens, he began studying to become a priest. Vivaldi was ordained in 1703. Due to his ill health Vivaldi stopped his priesthood and went in to the career of music.
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Map of Italy

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice, Italy. Venice, Italy is a place in Europe. The city was loved by people due to its beautiful architecture. It had places like theaters, palaces, and churches. During Vivaldi's time, the population of the city was 150,00 people. That was considered a lot at the time. A very interesting fact was that in Italy cities like Venice were build on water. These places had canals instead of streets. Vivaldi lived close to the end of the Baroque period. In this period there were many discoveries and success in the arts. Like I mentioned earlier architecture flourished at the time with its decorative and alluring buildings. It was a very remarkable time in Italy and the rest of Europe.
Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons (Full)

Vivaldi's Music

Vivaldi's music is well known. One of his most popular work is the Four Seasons. In his work of the Four Season he wrote a sonnet to match a season. His music had a lot of content about nature and was very dynamic. In the year of 1703, Vivaldi decided t join the staff of the school of the Ospedale della Pieta. Due to the Pietas great reputation in music, Vivaldi had a tremendous starting salary which and was double his fathers. At his time there, he wrote hundreds of compositions for the girls to perform. The orchestra was mostly mad up of poor and orphaned girls. Since it was improper for girls to perform, they played behind an iron lattice to keep privacy. By 1715, Vivaldi started writing opera scores and after a year was promoted to music director. He left the Pieta after forty years of service and left to work for emperor Charles VI. Vivaldi and him were former friends. Tragically, Charles died from food poisoning and that left Vivaldi with no job. Within a year, Vivaldi also died on July 28, 1741. His works of music will never be forgotten.

Other Well known Music

Other Popular music by Vivaldi is Gloria, Magnificat, Juditah Triumphans, Farnace, Bajazet, and Giustino.

Vivaldi's Legacy

Overall Vivaldi immensely impacted music. His music gave ideas and motivation to all people. Most of all, Vivaldi motivated girls to do what they wanted to do. People back then had sexist views on girls just like how it was improper for them to play music. Vivaldi went against that view and led girls to a better future. He also played a big role in representing music during the Baroque period. Vivaldi entertained people during his time and his beautiful music will always stay well known just like today.