2015 Year in Review

Margaret S.

3 Companies with the Best Marketing

1. Apple

Apple trumps the other technology companies by coming out with new products before the others even think of them

2. Nike

Nike is constantly coming out with new products that cater to all ages, and the brand is coming more popular in places like schools.


McDonalds has new commercials almost weekly and consistently releases new deals

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Top Two Best and Worst Products of 2015

Best: Apple Watch and IPhone 6s

Worst: Hover Boards and pumpkin Spice Flavored Things

Top Two Movies of 2015

Inside out: it was the first Disney movie that came out in a while and turned out to be a big hit for all ages

Star Wars 7: made record sales at the box offices and took the world by storm

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Top two Music Artists of 2015

Shawn Mendes: he marketed to a specific age group and it got him very far

Charlie Puth: Made his debut in 2014 and took the world by storm

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Top Five Songs 2015