Varicella Virus

Nick Keilson

The Chicken Pox

Varicella, better known as chicken box is a virus that can infect cells in your body. When you contract the disease, you get many red itchy rashes. The Varicella virus never mutates and changes, you are immune to the virus. If you have had the chicken pox before your body has built the right antigens, your body can defend you from contracting the virus

How can you get the chicken pox?

The Varicella virus can be contracted through airborne molecules, and by contact with an infected person. Just touching one of the red itchy viruses once can lead to contracting the viruses. If you have never had a vaccine.


The Chicken Pox virus is rarely lethal, or dangerous. The symptoms include a fever, headache, sore throat, stomach ache, and most obviously the red itchy rashes that spread all over the body.


The only way to prevent having the chicken pox is by already having some form of it inside of your body. Since the Varicella virus never mutates unlike the flu and the cold. Since the virus changes a vaccine, will allow your body to make antigens to fight the Varicella virus. If you do not get a vaccine the only way to not get the chicken pox is to actually get the chicken pox.

Immune Cells

The chicken pox virus is fought by all of your Imune cells. Your T- Cells fight the virus when it gets in your body. The b cells remember the virus so it can fight the virus.

Virus Replication

The Varicella virus reproduces like other viruses. The virus latches onto a cell and uses it as a mean to make new varicella. The Varicella injects its DNA or RNA into the cell and the cell makes new viruses for the Varicella


There is no medicine specaily geared towards the chicken pox. The only good way to treat the disease is by an anti itch creme for the rashes to avoid scratching them.
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