Helping Students Learn

by Julie Dean


Bodybrain-compatible learning environment:

1. Sensory input from being there experience

2. Concept

3. Language

4. Application to the real world

Conventional schooling:

1. Language

2. Concept

3. Application

Intrinsically meaningful:

-real-life situations

-content using interest of student

-content relating to the students future aspirations

-content that the students have prior experience with

-novel situations

- activities/ knowledge that they find fascinating

-Concepts relate to their need for: belonging, to love and be loved, power, and fun

Teaching Tips:

-curriculum is age-appropriate

-real-world connection

-know students prior experiences

-be aware of misconceptions

Provide students with choices

Create an environment the is absent of treat

Fear limits exploration

-A threat, real or perceived, can restrict a students ability to learn

-a student must be in a safe environment to feel that they can make mistakes and and be open to new ideas

-limit sarcasm an put-downs

Enhance development of intelligence

-know your students ability so curriculum is age-appropriate

-start lesson by tapping into students prior experiences

-help students make real world connections with what they are learning

-allow students for both collaboration and intrapersonal reflection time

-provide immediate feedback