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Term 2 2016

Supervisors Update...

Welcome back to term two, this year seems to be flying by.

Term one OOSH and Vacation was a busy time with many standout events. Firstly we appointed Amy Lamotte, Krystal Carpenter and Chloe Koller as permanaent program assistants. We also welcomed Ryley Field to the casual list.

The program held a big focus on language and development, as we continued to learn a new language each week. This featured in other areas of the program with children having the opportunity to make cultural based art and craft.

A new 2016 OOSH banner was created featuring children's footprints which now is displayed for all to see as they enter the room.

Another standout was the Easter art and craft program, with children making some great creations to use over the Easter long weekend.

The April Vacation Care was another opportunity for children to engage in many experiences and activities. Screen printing and painting was a busy day, as each child got to take home a printed canvas that they had created. The jungle day was a chance for us to do a large group collage with everyone adding their bit. During our outback themed day we created some visual outback silhouette pictures using all the colours of an Australian sunset. Visiting Bunnings Warehouse was a first for us and an exciting morning for all. Children painted clay pots and planted a small plant which they were able to take home and grow. They have offered to run a different craft activity next holidays just for us, so we will definitely be back for something new and exciting in the July holidays. We returned to Hunter Valley Zoo which now has the new addition of a lion enclosure. Feeding the baby animals and kangaroos is always a fun time with many children having their first encounters with farm animals . As a group the children also got to spend time patting koalas and touching a python and crocodile.

Australian Raw Art workshops came to the centre to make Mexican skulls and teach children about Mexican culture and tradition. We finished the Vacation Care program with a day at Speers Point park and a sausage sizzle, we all had a great day.

Coming up in term two we will be celebrating Naidoc week and creating a display for Cardiff Lake Macquarie library. We will be recreating Mexican skulls during OOSH for our cultural program and replanting our OOSH garden.

In our next Vacation Care children have suggested putt putt golf, a bush walk at Blackbutt Reserve and a onesie day.

Vacation Care offers many fun opportunities and experiences. We encourage those that haven't tried Vacation Care to give it a go.

Dee Jordan

OOSH & Vacation Care Supervisor

Straight from the Kids

We asked our Vacation Care Kids: What did you love the most this Vacation Care?

Layla- I loved going to the library because we read some books together.

Catilin- I liked Raw Art with the skeletons, I liked that we got to paint and colour in and do lots of fun things.

Harrison- Speers Point Park! I loved going down the super tall slide.

Tiarli- I liked Speers Point Park because I got to play with my friends.

Emily B- I liked Speers Point as well because I got to play in the water park.

We asked our OOSH Kids: What are you looking forward to at OOSH this term?

Sophia- I'd like to do lots of DIYs, like making lanterns.

Coen- We should make cars and people

Jess- I reckon we should try to have whole conversations in different languages

Marcus- I want to play Pacman on the basketball court

Georgia- DIY Bird houses from recycled boxes

Emily- We should learn different dances from different countries

Community Links

We've continued to build on existing community links in the past term, making a more varied and well developed program for our children with lots of new opportunities. After decorating the Cardiff branch of Lake Macquarie Public Library for Christmas and Easter, in the recent school holidays our Vacation Care kids paid a visit to the library for a face to face thank you from the staff. Melissa at the library treated the kids to a behind the scenes tour, allowing children to learn about what it's like to work as a librarian. We also read some stories before each child picked out a book to take back to Vacation Care with them. We'll have these books at the centre until the middle of May and have been reading our way through them - it's great to have books here that have been hand picked by our kids, so we know they're good!

We've been asked to again join with the library to decorate their children's section for NAIDOC Week at the start of July. We'll be working on a variety of arts and crafts in the coming weeks celebrating Indigenous Culture and encourage all of our families to drop by the library to see your children's work on display.

These holidays we also continued our partnership with Raw Art, inviting their artists to our centre to run an art workshop. From their huge range of available workshops, we chose a Mexican Sugar Skull creation activity, where children used a variety of media including pastels, oil pastels, and patterned paper to create a detailed work, while learning about Mexican culture. This was a very popular activity with the children attending, who enjoyed extending their artistic skills with a challenging activity.

Staff Profile- Ryley Field

I am 18 years of age, and currently working as a casual at Cardiff OOSH and Vacation Care.

I started working at OOSH and Vacation Care as a volunteer which has lead to casual employment.

This has enabled me to gain knowledge and experience working with children, as I work towards full time employment within the child care industry.

I have a sporting background in Soccer and have been playing national level competition since I was five years old, working my way up to competing in the Women’s Premier League first grade.

I have enjoyed teaching the children soccer skills and playing games.

Program Assistants blog

The children have really taken a shine to our language program, requesting new languages to learn each week. Some have even taken their learning beyond the centre, bringing in books and resources from home matching our weekly theme. We're planning to expand this program in the coming term, integrating more international crafts into our indoor program and utilising the suggestions of some of our children to practice international dances and songs outside. We're always looking for feedback and involvement from our parents as well, so if you have any cultural links you would like to share or specific languages you would love our kids to learn, feel free to get in contact with any of our staff members face to face or via email.

Kids feedback from our recent Vacation Care identified a clear winner in terms of their favourite activity: Speers Point Park! Kids loved the chance to have run around in a safe space, enjoy free choice of a range of activities and try new things. They loved the unstructured time, and many made friends with children visiting the park with their families. This was a great day for the staff as well, as they got a chance to play with the children in their own space and according to the kids rules, instead of in the slightly more structured environment at the centre.

Staff members continue to change and adjust our indoors environment to suit the needs of the children at the centre. Our own OOSH library has grown with the donation of some books and children have enjoyed being able to access the Cardiff Public Library books that we borrowed during Vacation Care. We've recently revamped our covered chill out lounge area, re-decorated it from a jungle theme to an under the sea environment, complete with bobbing jellyfish made by children in the first week of term. It's always a joy to decorate our room with the children's artwork- luckily we've got a truly artistic bunch.

OOSH Notice Board


It is essential that all electronic payments being made for OOSH and Vacation Care include two important pieces of information as the transfer is being made

* the child’s surname, and

* the customer ID number


Please remember to provide a hat for your child. We have a "no hat, no play policy".


Paper, old office supplies, cardboard, tissue boxes, small and large boxes, newspapers, magazines (age appropriate), junk mail catalogues, milk cartons, art and craft supplies, shells, seeds and pine cones would be very much appreciated.


Please remember that we are a nut and chocolate free centre. This includes all foods containing nutella, chocolate chips and cocoa powder, even those that homemade.

Important reminder for families

All families recently received notice of an Administrative fee being introduced and applied to accounts where families lag behind in the payment of their fees.

The administrative fee of $25 will added to and applied invoices each time families accounts for into arrears by two weeks.

If anyone has questions please address them to Dee Jordan at the centre.

Important Information about Cardiff OOSH

Has your child lost some-thing? Please remember to check our lost property, which is full of uniform items, toys, drink bottles and lunchboxes. Please write your child’s name clearly on items to allow us to be able to re-turn them to their owner.

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