BY R.J Palacio

playbill BY Federico

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Julian played by Roman Reign

Julian is the school bully. He picked on August and Jack.

Roman Reign is a WWE superstar.

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August played By 50 CENT

August has a deformed face. He is the main charcter in the novel, Wonder. He gets picked on by Julian.
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Jack played by Eddy Lover

Jack was August's friend. Jack stuck up for August.

Eddy Love is a singer.

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Via played by Selena

Via is August's sister. She protected him when some people picked on him.

Selena Perez was a famous Mexican singer.

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Dad played by Randy Orton

Dad is Via and August' father. Dad protected August from kids.

Randy Ortonis a WWE superstar. He won the WWE championship at the age of 24.

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Mom played By Nicki Minaj

Mom is August and Via's mother. Mom wants August to go to school.

Nicki Minaj is a famous singer.

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Summer played By AJ lee

Summer is august's friend. Summer is a nice person.

AJ Lee is a WWE diva.


In the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio, the story is about a boy named August Pullman.

August was born with a deformed face. August was going to school for the first time ever. When August first went to school the students stared at him. August had to overcome the challenges in his life.


The story is about friendship. August met two new friends Summer and Jack. August sees who his true friends are. Without friends a life would be boring . Friends to back him up.