The Weekly Scoop

Ms. Schwarz's Fourth Grade

Back to School Night is scheduled for Tuesday night. The meeting begins at 7pm and room visitations will follow. I look forward to telling everyone about the fourth grade year. This is an adult only event, but free babysitting is provided at school. There will be no homework on Tuesday night.

Field trip money for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation trip is due by October 1. The cost is $15. Checks should be made out to Mary Munford. A portion of this trip will be paid for with the field trip money that was part of your school fees. The trip is on October 6th.

What's Happening This Week?

This week in math, we will finish up Topic 1 and have a test on Friday.

In language arts, I am still testing students to determine their reading levels. This is one-on-one and takes a lot of time. Spelling groups will start this week, but the first spelling test will be until next week. I am beginning my Yale unit which focuses on Jacqueline Woodson's memoir, Brown Girl Dreaming.

In social studies we are working on Virginia geography. We will learn the regions this week. We will have a quiz on the borders of Virginia on Thursday. Students should be able to locate them on a map. They should also know how to properly capitalize them and how to spell them.

In science we are working on making observations. We will have a quiz on Friday on qualitative and quantitative observations. This quiz requires paying attention in class and knowing how to make the two types of observations. A brief study guide will be sent home.

AR is up and running. The goal is 16 points for the quarter, and your child's points is a language arts quiz grade. I'll talk more about this at Back to School Night.