By: Trey C

What is bowling? Bowling is a competitive sport that takes focus and takes mental and physical strength. This article will inform you about bowling alley uses, equipment, and what you can get when you bowl.

Bowling alley uses

There is a lot of fun things you can do at a bowling alley. For example, you could eat dinner at the bowling alley and you could have a birthday party there. When you go bowling you can play on a team or with a friend. You can even play by yourself for practice.

Fun fact

The most common bowling is 10-pin bowling.


There is a lot of equipment that you need to bowl. You need bowling shoes, bowling ball and proper clothing. The weight of bowling balls can be from 6-26 pounds. There are 10 pins, and they are each named after their placement.

Can get/ Win

What can you get or win when you go bowling? You can get lunch or dinner at the bowling alley. You can win a trophy or a medal. You can get a spare or a strike. A strike means you knock down all of the pins on your first try, and a spare means you knock down all of the pins on your second try.

Fun fact

Fun Fact: If you get three strikes in a row it’s called a turkey.
With out a doubt there are many bowling alley uses, equipment, and stuff you can get.


I wish I was bowling right now.