Satellite S'More Newsletter

January 11-15, 2016

Staff Information

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 11-Jan.15

Monday, Jan. 11th: SOL Review Day

Tuesday, Jan. 12th: SOL Review Day

Wednesday, Jan. 13th: Algebra I SOL

Thursday, Jan. 14th: Geometry SOL, USVA SOL, Eng. 11 Reading SOL

Friday, Jan. 15th: SOL Make ups (if applicable)

(Jan. 11-Jan.15 is also Spirit Week if anyone would like to participate).

Jan. 18-Jan.22

Monday, Jan. 18th: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, Jan. 20th: TENTATIVE Faculty Meeting 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Thursday, Jan. 21st: TENTATIVE Faculty Meeting 2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Friday, Jan. 22nd: TC Librarians session with students and staff (11:45 AM-Students, 12:30 PM-Staff) Please mark your calendars...

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As promised, our Kajeets are in! These devices will be for students who do not have internet access at home. If one or more of your advisory students does not have internet access at home, and needs a Kajeet, please follow the request and issuing process below:

  1. Call the parent/guardian if the student is under age 18 in order to secure parental permission to issue a Kajeet Kit.
  2. Check out a Kajeet from Ms. Stephens. She is maintaining a detailed spreadsheet for Kajeet checkout.


  • A Kajeet kit (Kajeet, case, cord, wall plug, and instructions) is $60. If students do not return the Kajeet kit, a $60 deficiency will be added to their student account.
  • Kajeets provide internet access between 6 AM and 12 AM daily.
  • Kajeets have a limited amount of data per day, so they do not support the live streaming of online video games for example.
  • At this time we're not imposing a return date requirement. However, if we see that the need is extensive and more students need them, we'll issue them for a week at a time so that other students have an opportunity to utilize them.

Tentative Faculty Meeting (Jan. 20 or Jan. 21)

We originally had a faculty meeting scheduled for Tuesday (see Satellite calendar in the faculty handbook). However, I’m working around Sandra Hardeman’s schedule, as she’s coming to do a refresher on confidentiality and privacy. At this point, we’re looking at Wed. the 20th or Thurs. the 21st. I will make every effort, as always, to hold our faculty meeting during the school day rather than after. Please mark these dates as tentative in your calendar and I’ll let you know for sure as soon as she lets me know.

Student Handbook & Student Orientation Handbook

I have completed the Student Handbook and the Student Orientation Handbook. The student handbook will be provided to every student at a whole campus meeting led by myself. At this time, all students will go through the sections to initial their understanding of Satellite's policies, procedures, and expectations. (We will use the orientation checklist and retain a copy for our records). All new students will go through orientation using the new orientation handbook and sign off their understanding of our policies, procedures, and expectations as well. This will serve to improve communication of our expectations, as well as encourage students to be accountable.