The Giver

By Lois Lowry

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The Giver is by far the best book I have ever read. The diction and Imagery that the author uses really helps get you into the whole story. There is adventure and danger that gets your heart racing, there's romance that makes your heart melt, and a little mystery to get your mind thinking. It really feels like you're going through every journey with Jonas. Throughout the whole book you wonder what the Giver is really teaching Jonas. Will Jonas and Fiona fall in love? Will Jonas ever break through the power of their "perfect" town and lives? This book showed me the importance of emotions. It also lead me to realize how grateful I should be for all the good things we have in this world and how aware I should be to all the violence in this world. This story is an eye opener and a very enjoyable book to read. I'd enjoy reading it over and over, because I would discover something new every time I read it.
The Giver Official Trailer #2 (2014) - Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges Movie HD