Rome, Italy: La città d'arte

By: Jessica Leith period 5


"The history of Rome spans 2,800 years of the existence of a city that grew from a small Latin village in the 9th century BC into the centre of a vast civilisation that dominated the Mediterranean region for centuries. The population of the city fell drastically in the Late Empire after Rome ceased to be the capital of the Empire, and remained far lower than its ancient peak until Rome became the capital of a reunited Italy in the late 19th century. This assured the survival of very significant ancient Roman material remains in the centre of the city, some abandoned and others continuing in use. For most of the centuries in between, the Papacy was the ruler of the city and Rome became the capital of the Papal States, which grew to include large parts of central Italy. Although economically weak, Rome remained a centre of pilgrimage and also tourism." Wikipedia. I chose this because it gives a good over view of the history of Rome and all of the major events that happened. The website gives good information that is about the important things in the history of Rome. I couldn't figure out how to paraphrase it and leave in all of the important information so I just quoted it.



Life in ancient Rome revolved around the city of Rome, its famed seven hills, and its monumental architecture such as the Flavian Amphitheatre (now called the Colosseum)

The Roman society existed in one if the most interesting periods in history. Most of the older Roman culture is used there today. The Roman culture isn't far from our own American culture. We have both built monumental structures. The philosopher George Santayana once said ¨Those unable to remember the past are condemned to repeat it¨.
Rome and America have a similar moral decay also we have a similarity in the fact that we are both proud and arrogant. The Roman culture is actually quite fascinating.


picture of country or city below

Lodging and Hotel: Where I'll be staying?

Flights: Frontier airlines



Lodging and Hotel: Where will you be staying?

Hotel Name: Tiburtina Hotel

Hotel Price: $104 per night

Free Breakfast and nice rooms very clean and roomy big bed and a T.V.


¨The Tiburtina has good availability and great rates.¨

Activities/ Site to See: What will you do on your dream vacation? (You can add more than 3 activities)

Activity 1:VIP: Tour of the Sistine Chapel

Description:Private viewing and small group tour of the Vaticans Secret room. The secret room is the main respiratory for all of the acts by the Holy See. The tour is quite expensive thought it is worth it. The Sistine Chapel is something that many people would be lucky to tour. It is a great work of art and a beautiful though you may only visit it if you are Christian or Catholic.


Activity 2:Roman Forum and walking tour of the Colosseum

Description: The Colosseum is one of Romes most famous attractions. It was previously used as a form of entertainment. The Colosseum is where the trained gladiators would fight each other and animals such as the lion. Roman people loved the blood and gore that they were able to see in the Colosseum. The Roman Forum is also a beautiful attraction in Rome.


Activity 3:Trip to the Amalfi Coast

Description:Rome day trip to the Amalfi Coast, and discover the dreamy coastal scenery that typifies this stunning area of southern Italy. At the Amalfi Coast there are many different activities. First you can scuba dive. Then you can get in a boat or a canoe and explore above the water. You can play in ther sand or fish on the land. And families can go swimming.


Problems and Solutions: While traveling a problem may occur, think about those problems and how you would solve them.

1.P:Arriving late; S: Pre-book hotel

2.P: Run out of money ; S: Manage it well or get a job to pay for your trip

3. P: Losing your luggage; S: Keep your money on your person

4. P: Overbooked flight; S: Check in at least one or two hours before the plane leaves

5. P: Car rental cancelled; S: Give the company your flight information s they can check on your delays

Optional: About the traveler. Who are you? Have you ever traveled?

¨I like to look at beautiful works of art.Which is why I chose to go to Rome.I have never traveled before now.I mostly enjoy indoor activities and just enjoying the scenery when I am outdoors.¨ Jessica Leith


I went to Rome, Italy with Bre because I love art so I wanted to see all of the famous art work that they have, and Bre is my best friend. I spent some of my money on our flights to Rome. Then I spent about $40 a day on lunch and $52 a day on dinner. I spent $290.46 on a trip to the coast. $447.20 on a tour of the Sistine Chapel. $52.47 on a walking tour of the Roman Colosseum. Which left me with $40 for snacks on the plane.

Then I spent $5447.73 on shopping for clothes with Bre. It affected my trip because since I spent it wisely I was able to do something fun each day that I was there and I was able to eat out every night and day. Plus I could afford a whole new wardrobe to remind me of my trip. It was difficult to keep track of the amount of money that I had.I solved it by using a calculator and keeping track on the top of my paper how much I had at the end of each day.

Fun Facts

  1. Rome got more powerful after they ¨got rid¨ of their distant cousins (the Etruscans)
  2. There weren't very many women in ancient Rome Romulus would kidnap neighboring women and whoever got them first could keep them, unless they were very beautiful if they were they were given to the higher class people by gangs
  3. The worlds first shopping mall was built by the Emperor Trajan in Rome. It had several levels and more than 150 outlets!
  4. Purple dye was made of Murex seashells and it was reserved for the emperors and higher class people
  5. Romans were usually affectionate towards their pets especially the dogs and cats