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October 13, 2020

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Fall is in the Air

This is a short week!

There is no school for students and staff on Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16th.

Dates to add to your calendars:

Distance Learning Day

  • Wednesday, November 4th

Teacher Conference Prep Day

  • Friday, Nov. 13 - No School for Students

Student Conferences

  • Tuesday, Nov. 17 (3-8 pm)
  • Thursday, Nov. 19 (3-8 pm)
  • Monday, Nov. 23 (3-7 pm)

Conference Sign-Up will be the beginning of November! Look for an email to sign up for conferences! We look forward to sharing progress of your student!

Here is a link to our school calendar for students!

Work Completion

Most students are doing a great job of turning in all assignments. In order for a teacher to know what you know, it is important to turn in all assignments.

Guest Teachers for Distance Learning

We may have times when teachers are ill or in need of a guest teacher. Our grade level teams know the students well in each grade already. Due to the nature of our online courses and the need for staff to be ready to jump in and help out, our collaborative grade level teams will be covering for each other in the event someone is absent. If this is in fact the case, you will receive a note from your child's teacher or a colleague letting you know of an absence and who will be available to meet online with your child for the "live" sessions and to answer questions and respond to student work.

School Photos

This year your student will have his/her photo taken at the home school. Please be watching for dates from your school.
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Share Distance Learning Photos for our Next Newsletter

If you have a photo you and your student would like us to share in our next newsletter, please email to We would love to share the awesome things happening virtually with our families! We love to see how you are learning! Thanks so much.
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MAPS Online Academy

Welcome to our MAPS Online Academy secretary, Tammy Prewitt!

If you would like to reach her between 8am-12pm on school days, please call (507)207-3890.