By 1960, 90%, or 45 million Americans owned TV's. TV's had suddenly become a very common appliance in American homes all across the country. American's want for entertainment, and need for the latest news updates led to the invention of the television. The television was an affordable way to be informed, and also be entertained. As a result, American culture was changed forever. Instead of family time at dinner, or around the radio, it was now in front of the TV. This significantly changed the way a household was run in America. TV became a major pass time activity for Americans across the country.

Doctors Do New Research

During the 1950's American doctors began to do new research to prevent childhood diseases, like typhoid fever and polio. American children all around the country were becoming generally healthier. All the new children in the country, because of the Baby Boom was a major cause of this new research. Americans wanted to protect all the new, young children in the country. This resulted in new cures, and ways to prevent many diseases. This was significant because many adults didn't have to worry about their young children contracting these sometimes deadly diseases.