East News Flash

August 17, 2018

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This East News Flash includes the following information:

  1. School Picture Days
  2. Open House
  3. Student Expectations at Extracurricular Events
  4. PISD Stadium Rules
  5. Remind 101 for Parents
  6. Student Accident Insurance
  7. PISD Health Services Information
  8. Video Intern Opportunities
  9. Cotton Bowl Stadium Prep Showcase
  10. Williams High School Fall Festival

General Annoucements

1. School Picture Days- Junior picture day will be August 20 and 21. This week all juniors will be receiving picture order forms from their history classes. Students will be going to take their pictures on either August 20 or 21, depending on their teacher's schedule. Students will be told which day they go to have their picture taken later this week. Any student that is in a concurrent/Collin College class will get their pictures taken before school or during lunch.

Seniors that missed getting their picture taken over the summer will be sent to the gym to take their picture during their history class on August 24 and 27. Your history teacher will tell you what day you will go down. Any senior that does not have a history class, needs to go during zero hour or before school. Any student that is in a concurrent/Collin College class will get their pictures taken before school or during lunch. Students will be given information when taking their picture about how to purchase pictures. If you have any questions, please see visit with your history teacher or sub school office.

2. Open House- On Wednesday, August 29, we will hold Open House at Plano East Senior High School. On that evening you are invited to visit our school, tour our facilities, visit with our teachers, and see first hand the educational program that is in place for your son or daughter. What we need to make the evening a success is YOU! Our goal is 100% attendance by our parents. Please complete the form using your student's schedule with this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lhEFRraAdbDrt8deu_7Y4UG2tpMl-i8IlOG2tVJ4bIc/edit?usp=sharing and bring it with you to Open House. We will follow the abbreviated schedule on the form, which includes a general session in the gymnasium at 6:15 p.m. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday, August 29.

3. Student Expectations at Extracurricular Events- Students this is a reminder as you start to attend extracurricular events that the student code of conduct still applies when attending events after hours and at other PISD sites. Any violation of the student code of conduct will be handled just as if it were a regular school day. This includes events at other schools or district sites as well. Some violations could jeopardize your status as a student here at Plano East. Please also remember that we expect everyone to have a good time at these events; however, we are going to cheer for our team and not heckle the other team or referees. We need to lead by example and win with class! If you have any questions, please see an administrator.

4. PISD Stadium Rules:

  • Spectators may not enter the stadium with backpacks or duffle bags. Staff and security personnel, at their sole discretion, may determine what constitutes a prohibited backpack or duffle bag.
  • Bags, purses and packages carried by spectators will be opened and inspected by security personnel or staff prior to entry into the stadium.
  • Alcoholic beverages, outside food or drink items, tobacco products and weapons are prohibited.
  • Spectators are prohibited from bringing footballs or other balls into the stadium.
  • Persons in possession of prohibited items or who refuse inspection of bags and/or packages will not be permitted to enter the stadium. Persons who violate these stadium rules may be ejected without refund.
  • Body painting, other than on the face area, is not allowed.
  • Masks and other face coverings are prohibited.
  • All signs must be positive, appropriate, promote the participants and not be unduly distracting or block the view of others.
  • Patrons who leave the stadium will be required to purchase a ticket to re-enter.
  • Only authorized personnel will be admitted onto the field.
  • Air horns are prohibited per UIL rules.
  • Animals, other than service animals, are not allowed in the stadium.
  • Powder or throwing of powder is prohibited.

5. Remind 101 for Parents- Parents, join Remind 101 at https://www.remind.com/join/peshpa to receive important updates throughout the year.

6. Student Accident Insurance coverage is available for PISD parents to purchase online as of July 1, 2018. All pricing shown on the brochures are one-time premiums only for the policy year effective August 1, 2018 to August 1, 2019.

7. PISD Health Services Information- In preparation for a healthy 2018-2019 school year, the Plano ISD health services team would like to provide the following helpful and important information. Our team’s purpose is to support a safe and healthy school environment. School nurses need your assistance as we work together toward this common goal. You can help us by encouraging behaviors we teach at school and by following a few guidelines for keeping your children home when they are not feeling well.

8. Video Intern Opportunities- The PISD Athletic department is looking for motivated students who are interested in learning how to video live sporting events. No experience is necessary. Learn how to shoot video from the press-box camera deck and the sidelines. Instruction will be provided on-site. Video interns are needed for Clark Stadium on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and Kimbrough Stadium on Fridays. This internship will be a great addition to your college resume. Interested candidates please contact Jim Macaluso at: Jim.Macaluso@PISD.edu

9. The Cotton Bowl Stadium Prep Showcase will take place on Sept. 7 & 8- Eight of the top Dallas-area 6-A football programs will play in the Cotton Bowl Stadium Prep Showcase, with six of the eight having been playoff teams in 2017. Some of the state's top recruits will be showcased, including TCU commit Donavann Collins and Oklahoma State commit Xavier Ross of Cedar Hill and Notre Dame commit Hunter Spears of Sachse. Tickets will be available at each participating school and on game day at Cotton Bowl Stadium. Presale ticket prices at each school will be $6.00 for students and $8.00 for adults. Day of game tickets bought at the Cotton Bowl will be $10.00 each for all ages. For more information, please visit www.cbsprepshowcase.com. Plano East will be playing at 10 AM on Saturday Sept 8th.

10. Williams High School Fall Festival

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Join PTSA- Parents and Students are asked to join PTSA. Senior student members will be eligible for PTSA Senior scholarships. Membership is $10 for students and $18 for parents. You can join online at http://www.planoeastptsa.org/

PTSA Chick-Fil-a Spirit Night is from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Murphy Location on Thursday, August 30, 2018. It's a great fundraiser and a plan for dinner.

Senior Reserved Parking Update:

1) Your space must be painted to be considered reserved. If your parking spot is not painted, reserved parking cannot be enforced.

2) Painting must be completed this weekend starting Friday, August 17 through Sunday, August 19.

3) Please do not leave extra paint, painting supplies, or other trash/debris in the parking lots. Trashcans are available in all parking lots.

4) The last date to purchase a new parking space is Saturday, August 18 between NOON and 2 pm in the Africa parking lot. Only spaces in Africa parking lot are available. All other parking lots are sold out. The cost is $100. You must already have your PISD Parking permit, your driver's license, proof of insurance and sketch. Text Mona Davis at 214-552-7187.

5) If you purchased a space during the pre-sale last May and have not completed the process to claim it, please text Mona Davis at 214-552-7187.

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