Christopher's Typewriter <3

If you need to type get a writer!

By: Shelby, Annaliese, and Victoria

Inventor- Christopher Latham Sholes


Invented in- New York

How does it work?-

The Sholes typewriter had a type-bar system and the universal keyboard was the machine's novelty, however, the keys jammed easily. But, you type and the paper comes out and you cut it off with the type writer cutting part.

Impact- The typewriter indeed revolutionized business. It sped up life, as most American technologies have seemed to do. More companies were manufacturing the machine and competition was rising. The typewriter allowed for more efficiency. It became a symbol of the woman worker. Secretaries all over the country began using them. Clerical work defined women workers, and the typewriter became the main tool, or machine, that those women used in their productions.