Madison Furman 6th


During the Native American rebellion there were uprisings,and attacks on bufflo hunters at the Adobe Wall.The Native American were angry at the Anglo-Americans forkilling all their bufflo.Also for trying to make the Native Americans leave there land that they had been hunting on for nearly 200 years! True,that most Native Americans did start to live on the reservations.But about 4,000 Native Americans mostly Comanche,Kiowas,and Cheyenne desided to fight for there land.There were 1,200 warriors ready to fight,but it was not enough.

Pictures of the Red River Campaign

The First Battle of the Red River Campaign

Like I said there were 1,200 warriors ready to fight,but they were out numbered.Now Presidant Grant put the army in charge of taking care of the Native Americans,instead of the Goverment.On the day of the battle some 3,000 troops moved in on the Native Americans camps.This first battle became the Red River Campaign,it was fought in Aughust 1874.Many soilders fought in the battle.But a former Texas Ranger Major John B.Jonas was one of them.Now forcing his troops to stay alert,Jonas protected the West Texas line of defense.While many troops stormed Native American camps farther west.In almost a year and a half almost 21 battles had been fought against the Native Americans.