Death Penaltys In Japan

Toni Stewart

#1 Breast ripper

A device designed to punish women who indulge in adultery or prostitution in the japan. The device with two fangs will be heated to the state of red hot condition and victim will be stripped naked to rip the breast tissue from them. The metal fangs return with large chunk of flesh from the victims body.

#2 Caged Rat

They used to place big rodents trapped inside the cage and human body. Then a flame is set up and the natural instinct of rat force them to escape the heat by burrowing through the victim’s body.

#6 Boiling Pot

This penalty was carried out using a large cauldron filled with water, oil, tar, tallow or even molten lead. Sometimes the victim was immersed, the liquid then being heated, or he was plunged into the already boiling contents, usually head first.

#7 Caged Death

They would kill the criminals whole family and throw them in a cage or cave once they were there for a couple days, they would throw the criminal in that cage or cave and close off any air holes. The criminal would have to breathe in the rotten air in tell they got sick and dyed