Arctic Fox Facts

by Ashlyn Hall

Physical Description

  • An arctic fox grow about 20 to 24 inches long
  • They can weigh about 2 to 20 pounds
  • An arctic fox has a small ears and face


  • An arctic fox eats small birds
  • They eat geese and the eggs
  • They like to eat fish, squirrels, and eat dead fish
  • Arctic foxes eat snowy owls , ptarmigans , and ravens


  • Arctic foxes live in cold lands
  • They live in treeless coastal and islands of the arctic ocean
  • They can live in the north pole

Fun Facts

  • Arctic foxes can have up to 5 to 10 young each summer
  • They meet a mate sometimes for life
  • An arctic fox can have light blueish grey in the summer
  • Arctic foxes can sniff out animals in their burrows

Survival Method

  • In the winter an arctic fox can camouflage itself like snow
  • An arctic fox ears can keep its body heat safe
  • When an arctic fox is sleeping they rap its self to keep it warm
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