Dead and Breakfast

Arjun, Kyle, Allan

Who killed Dusty Mantel?

The main question of this investigation is... Who killed Dusty? To answer this question many steps had to be taken. At first we thought that Eve Dropper had committed the crime. As we went through the days, the answer became more clear. It was between two people; Horace Throate, and and Tiffany Glasse. By the time we reached our conclusion, we decided Dusty's killer was Horace Throate.

How, When, and Why?

How: We think Horace killed Dusty with Potassium Cyanide. That is the name of the poison that killed Dusty, and Horace had easy access to lot's of Potassium, for his job.

When: Horace Throate did not have the best of opportunities, but he did help set the table. We believe that when he was making the table he secretely put the poison in Dusty's tea.

Why: Horace was gambling. He was in debt to Dusty, and the only way to get out of this situation (in Horace's view) was to kill Dusty.