The Compound

By S.A. Bodeen


For six years, Eli Yanakakis has lived three stories underground in a lavish fallout shelter. On his ninth birthday, his father ushered his family away from what he said was a nuclear attack and into The Compound. The door to the compound is sealed and set to open in fifteen years, enough time for the nuclear waste from the attack to become harmless. The only people Eli has seen or communicated with for years are his mother, father, and two sisters. He desperately misses hamburgers, his twin brother, Eddy, his grandmother, and his dog. Though The Compound seems stocked with everything he could ever want, Eli knows there are many faults in his father's plan for survival. Their food supply is not what it should be. He catches his father lying about the ability to connect to the Internet. As the book goes on, Eli learns that his father's ultimate plan for a food source, what they call The Supplements, is not the result of poor planning but of his father's insanity. Eli knows he has to get out, but only his father knows the secret code to opening the door.

What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed that the book had sudden twists and turns and it wasn't just straight to the point. The book had you guessing the whole time and you never knew what was going to happen

If the book was well written, what made it that way?

Yes the book was well written. I thought what made the book well write was the fact that Eli and his family were stuck in the compound for six years, and the things that Eli and his family went through in those 6 years.

Was the ending satisfactory? Why or why not?

No the ending was not satisfactory because at the end I felt it just kind of left you hanging and didn't give you the answer you wanted to know.

Why would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book because its a very good and kind of twisted book. If you like twisted stories then you should read this book