Worker Exploiter: Adidas

Major brand uses workers unfairly


Thousands of women make clothes for Adidas in the UK. They have forced overtime, and yet barely make enough to live. However, Adidas is a major clothing brand around the world and is a sponsor for Olympic athletes. Why is this allowed to happen?

Global Worker Exploiter: Adidas

- In Sri Lanka, some workers live on $2.47 a day. This is only just above the UN's poverty line.

- In the July of 2012, over 1,300 workers were fired from the PT Panarub Dwi Karya facility in Jakarta, Indonesia, which worked for Adidas. Similar firings were reported by other facilities,

- While Adidas makes hundreds of audits (official inspections) a year of its factories, workers from its Indonesian factories say that they have to lie or else lose their jobs.