Distinguished Educator

Timothy Rasinski

Timothy Rasinski

Dr. Rasinski is currently a professor of literacy at Kent State University. He is a widely published author and co-author of several books, articles, and research. His current main focus is reading fluency. He authored an award-winning program called Fluency First, published by Wright Group. He was on the board of directors of the International Reading Association from 1992-1999. Before moving to the collegiate level, he taught elementary and middle school as well as Title, (Kent State University).

His Stance

"A growing body of evidence points to reading fluency as an important factor in student reading success" (Rasinski, 2004, p. 47).

"If teachers and school leaders are truly committed to leaving no child behind in reading, then they must actively pursue the goal of reading fluency in elementary and middle school classrooms (Rasinski, 2004, p. 50 ).

"When we as reading professionals recognize the power of teaching fluency using scientific principles and artistic approaches, fluency can and will make a significant impact on the reading achievement and reading dispositions of all readers, especially those whom we consider most at risk", (Rasinski, 2012, p. 521).

His Contributions

Dr. Rasinski has impacted the teaching of reading. His work on reading fluency impacts children in classrooms everyday. Rasinski has taken the once forgotten skill of fluency and turned it into a powerful, "hot" topic among educators and researchers. He suggests a three- component approach to teaching fluency. 1. Accuracy (word decoding) 2. Automaticity (word recognition) 3. Interpretive and meaningful reading (prosody), (Rasinski, Presentation handout, p. 2).

He is director of a reading clinic during the summer called Camp Read-A-Lot. This camp helps struggling students in his area. It provides an opportunity for students to continue to practice reading and helps masters students practice sound fluency instruction. (Rasinski, 2012, Video).

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A.B. Herr & Laureate Awards from College Reading Association

Elected to the International Reading Association's Reading Hall of Fame in 2010