Happy New Year 2016!

Lots of Love from Laura

Catch Up Corner

Last year was definitely a year of mixed luck but it still had some fantastic moments and big events! I turned 30 years old and made a bucket list of things to do in a year (and I did most of them!) Some of the best memories were with old and new friends, sharing new experiences and taking big adventures. I graduated from Robert Gordon University with a new qualification, I am starting to feel like I am collecting college certificates as a hobby now. I caught the travel bug again with a visit to Iceland to do some exciting things like lava caving, whale watching and northern lights hunting. It is a gorgeous country and fingers crossed somewhere I hope to visit again in there very near future!

Welcoming in 2016 was a huge relief and will hopefully filled with lots of exciting changes, big plans and amazing achievements! It came in with a bang too! I rang in the new year dancing my way into the Guinness Book of Records by taking part in the World's Big Strip the Willow dance at the Edinburgh Hogmanay Street Ceilidh showered by the backdrop of the New Year fireworks. There were 2048 dancers taking part to raise awareness of the plight of children across the world on behalf of UNICEF.

Best Memory of the Year

There is no word in the English language that currently exists that can describe or do justice to the beauty of the Northern Lights. The haunting beauty of the majestic phenomena fills your senses with awe, amazement, wonder and causes a warm fluttery feeling in your heart as you realise you are seeing something incredible that will leave an impression in your memory for the rest of your life.

The dance begins in pitch blackness, as tiny cracks of light coloured green and red. Hesitant, dallying as if unsure of timing. Slivers of light coloured green and red fracture amongst the stars. Teasing ripples that hover throughout the sky appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Without a sound of warning, just the unison of awestruck gasps of human breaths, the sky fills with the radiantly dancing lights above you. It is easy to see why the ancient peoples thought they were magical. The lights hover majestically throughout the sky, dancing and weaving in ancient old patterns watching the cold earth below. A miracle of shimmering elegance that fills your heart with a childlike delight.