Financial advising

Chase Snavely


People save because they don't know whats going to happen in the future. If we could accurately predict the future, we would know exactly how much money we would need. Saving can help your retirement fund, and help you weather hard times.


Investing is a great way to prepare for your future, but only if you do it wisely. You can make much more money than in a savings account, so the money you invest can rise with inflation or faster... or you may lose your money.

Tips on saving.

The earlier you start saving, the more you have later. To become a successful saver, however, saving needs to be an entry in your budget right from the start.

Two ways you can save is a personal savings account, and company retirement plans.

Tips on investing

When investing money in stock it is important to research companies before buying.

It is also important that you understand risk, liquidity, and return

The risk is the chances of you getting a higher return

Return is the amount you get back from the investment

and liquidity is how quickly you can get your return