Road To Perseverance

By Griffin Harmer

Chilean miners

The disaster began on a day shift around lunchtime at a mine in Chile's Atacama Deseret 33 miners were trapped in a mine 2000 ft under ground. They all made it to the safety shelter were there was food and water but only enough for a bite every three days but after 17 day the drill trying to reach them finally did and they got food and water and soon after were rescued .
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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had a very rough childhood. One of the main reason he had a rough childhood was because he was poor. The neighborhood children were white so they tried to make Jackie’s family move. They did not move because his mom did not want it to bother him .

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Donner party

By the beginning of November 1846 the emigrants had reached the Sierra Nevada, where they became trapped by an early, heavy snowfall near Truckee Lake, high in the mountains. Their food supplies ran extremely low, and in mid-December some of the group set out on foot to obtain help. Rescuers from California attempted to reach the emigrants, but the first relief party did not arrive until the middle of February 1847, almost four months after the wagon train became trapped. Of the 87 members of the party, 48 survived to reach California, many of them having already eaten the dead for survival.

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