Defining Beauty

How do we as Christians, define beauty?

True Beauty

People have different perspectives of beauty. In today's standards of beauty, we see it as something that is a pleasure to look at, and we're all focused on the outside and nothing about their qualities, traits, and personality. Us Christians/Catholics see beauty differently, as God focuses on the beauty inside of the person not the outside. True Beauty is focused on how beautiful you are in the inside, if you believe in god, kind-hearted, or is truly living for the good and is willing to help others makes you a beautiful and better person.

Changing our understanding of beauty.

People can still change to see beauty differently. We can all teach the youth to understand beauty on how God wants it to be. We can all learn that beauty is about the persons personality and how they treat others.

Caring for our body

We can take care of our body by recognizing the sacrifices and gifts from God. We need to learn from our pain and treat others with kindness and respect. We need to praise God and take care of our values, teachings, attitude, beliefs, and our actions to not change and respect the body God gave us.

Balpreet Kaur

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Balpreet Kaur is a Sikh Woman who was cyber bullied because her appearance. It was posted in the "r/funny" section of Reddit where the poster made fun of her for having a male face and a female body. She responded back not with a negative response, but a positive response where we can all learn from. She is inspired to live how the creator sees her and she is proud of herself and that she is not ashamed of herself. She says that her attitude, thoughts, actions, and beliefs has more value than her body by not focusing on physical beauty. Her response is what makes her a beautiful and inspiring person where we can all learn from.