should 16 year olds vote?

Pros and Cons

If 16 year olds can get married and pay taxes shouldnt they be allowed to vote? If 16 year olds could vote, they would be lifetime voters and be able to share their opinion. Also 16 year olds are considered adults, so shouldnt they be allowed to vote like other adults? Many people this age have strong opinions and should be granted the right to make their opinions heard. Some people think 16 year olds are to immature to vote.They think they are to young to make a good decision and will just vote the same way their parents are. Although 16 year olds are considered adults, when it comes to voting they are still children. People say they are to unpredictable and make bad and irresponsible decision.


I think the solution to the problem is letting 16 year olds that have a job and pay taxes be allowed the right to vote.