Machu Picchu

an incan ruin

an incan ruin

have you ever wanted to visit an inca ruin well you can. all you have to do is go to Machu Picchu you can watch the sunset and sunrise and you can see how the incas lived and how they survived for 100 years!!! you can learn more about the incas and machu Picchu in the following text enjoy!!!!.

why they left

machu Picchu is an Inca City that got abundant by the Incas 100 years after they built it they ran when the Spanish came to take there land from them sense the Spanish had guns and the Incas did not have guns the incas had more peopler but they did not no what guns was at that time so they were scared of the Spanish and there guns but macho Picchu still stands today it is a tourist spot you can see the sunrise from the city if you get there early and see the sunset from the city.

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Best engeners

The best engineers

the Incas were the first and best engineers in the world they built all types if stuff they even built the first calendar in the world and they new when the day ended and began they new when the new month started and when it ended


they were to find all that out before anyone else in that time period they were the smartest in the world in the 1400-1500s AD[Anno Domini or the year of are Lord in Latin] the incas live time was only about 100 years.

More inca info

when other tribes lived to be 500 to 1000 years old but some how they were a lot smarter then those other tribes its weird because you would think the other tribes would be a little smarter then the incas cause they were alive 50-100 years-before the incas but the incas could do a lot more like build machu Picchu and do other stuff.